They constitute medical treatments that will make you look even more beautiful. Performed by qualified specialists. The most popular treatments include wrinkles removal, cellulite reduction, scar removal, and chosen body parts correction.


Thanks to aesthetic dentistry treatments, patients can enjoy healthy and beautiful teeth, and a beaming smile.

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It is an electrosurgery procedure used on skin lesions, enabling fast and efficient restoration of proper skin condition.

How is this procedure done?An electrical arch formed by a high-frequency and low-voltage current generated in a special device coagulates the lesion tissue and enables its effective, fast, painless and non-invasive removal, without the need for stitches. Depending on the extent and placement of ...
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This is a medical peel performed with a formulation with the same name. It’s effective and gentle on the skin, and helps heal various skin conditions.

When is this peel used?Enerpeel is a mixture of two acids – lactic acid and trichloroacetic acid. It is used in various forms of acne, skin photo-ageing, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and overactive sebum glands. Enerpeel is characterised by deep and fast skin penetration, has antibacterial properties and stimulates collagen ...
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This is a medical peel performed with a glycolic acid formulation, used to reduce skin ageing, as well as acne and inflammations.

What are the characteristics of this therapy?Glycolic acid therapy can be performed throughout the year, in periods of both high sun exposure and low temperatures. The formulation used also contains kojic acid, bearberry extract, white mulberry extract, and vitamins A and E, which makes it even more effective ...
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This is a very popular procedure restoring youthful appearance, improving the patient’s well-being and self-confidence. It helps reduce wrinkles and remove gravitational skin folds that appear with age.

Lifting is done by surgically tightening the skin and removing the excess. The incisions are done in less-visible skin areas. Sometimes during the procedure, the facial muscle contraction method is used. The patient has to wear compression garments or dressings for one or two weeks after the surgery ...
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This is a non-surgical wrinkle-reduction method performed by injecting a hyaluronic acid formulation into the surface layers of skin. It improves skin hydration and elasticity to make it smoother and firmer.

The injections are administered with a very fine needle or with a special device. This procedure is not unpleasant for the patient. However, if a patient has a low pain threshold, a special anaesthetic gel is used before the injections take place. Mesotherapy is safe; however, for best, ...
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This procedure is performed by injecting the dermis with vital ingredients, which are then absorbed and restore a youthful look; they help fight wrinkles, hair loss, stretch marks and cellulite.

The injections are administered with a very fine needle or with a special device. This procedure is not unpleasant for the patient. However, if a patient has a low pain threshold, a special anaesthetic gel is used before the injections take place. Mesotherapy is safe; however, for best, ...
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Several dozen facial muscles and fat tissue determine the shape of our face. Intradermal Botox application reduces the contraction of specific muscles to improve the contour of the face.

How is the procedure done?Botulinum toxin therapy lifts the eyebrows, mouth corners and chin. This method is non-surgical and requires only the smallest amounts of botulinum toxin. Contouring with Botox is very simple and the first effects are visible within a few days post procedure, and last for ...
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Photorejuvenation using the IPL method can give spectacular results while being easy to carry out and safe for the patient. It can be used to reduce the signs of skin ageing on the face, neck, décolletage and the backs of the hands.

The procedure is performed by using specialised equipment that generates intense pulsed light (IPL). The energy transmitted by the light is absorbed by the skin, where an intensive process of collagen formation is stimulated and ruptured blood vessels are closed.When is photorejuvenation recommended?
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This is a non-invasive wrinkle and line removing method that firms the skin and improves its overall condition.

What is the Pelleve procedure?This is a non-invasive wrinkle and line removing method that firms the skin and improves its overall condition. This innovative and basically painless procedure works by heating the inner skin layer by an advanced technology using radio waves. Pelleve does not require ...
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This is one of the most-popular aesthetic medical procedures. It achieves fuller and plumper lips. The process is not complicated and gives the patient an instant self-confidence boost.

How is the procedure performed?There are many types of dermal fillers used in this procedure, with hyaluronic acid products being the most popular. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the body. It is also metabolised naturally, so the effects of this procedure are not ...
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This procedure is designed to restore or create a desired shape of a woman’s breasts. You can not only enlarge the breasts but also lift their line, improve firmness and change their shape, as well as reducing their size.

How is the procedure performed?Breast augmentation is done by using round or anatomical implants. An experienced surgeon helps to choose the best method of breast augmentation, as well as the final breast size and shape to ensure the effect satisfies the patient and is best for her body ...
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This is an anti-ageing skin peel. It helps reduce lines and wrinkles, as well as erase damage from excess sun exposure.

The procedure helps to reduce pigmentation and clear acne-affected skin by removing dead cells from hair follicles. Retinol, which is part of the formulation used, effectively stimulates collagen production in the skin, hindering its breakdown process.When is this procedure recommended?- heavy acne- ...
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Removal of skin discolouration with Dermamelan is used mostly in hormone-related discolourations, as well as those caused by sun exposure, ageing and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It allows effective removal of unwanted skin pigmenta…

How it worksThe formulation used in this procedure is strongly exfoliating, depigmenting and at the same time stimulating collagen production, which rejuvenates the skin. The first stage of this treatment takes place in the surgery and afterwards the patient has to continue the treatment on their own at ...
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This is a surgical method allowing regional, fully controlled destruction of changed tissues by freezing them with liquid nitrogen or nitrous oxide. It is widely used in dermatology to effectively remove skin lesions.

Changed tissues are destroyed at the touch of the cryo applicator. Cryosurgery is used in aesthetic procedures as well as to treat serious conditions. The surgery is painless and leaves minor scarring, which is particularly important in the treatment of facial lesions.When is cryosurgery ...
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A non-surgical treatment modelling the oval of the face, involving point injections of hyaluronic acid.

This completely safe substance, which naturally occurs in the human body, fills sunken and saggy skin fragments. In contrast to surgical facial modelling, this procedure is non-invasive and isn’t associated with a long recovery period. Facial volumetry lifts the facial oval lines and restores the lost volume and ...
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