Dental Clinic MEDICI

The health and beauty of our patients is the main goal of the "Medici" Dental Clinic. 
High-tech equipment in capable hands combined with warm, friendly service. A high-level clinic provides a full range of dental services: therapies and eriodontics, orthodontics, surgery and implantology, pediatric dentistry.     

By coming to us, the patient receives a comprehensive consultation of a dentist who shows the existing problems, calculates the duration and costs of the treatment. There are several possible improvement options, after which the patient chooses a suitable treatment plan for him.    
"Medici" Dental Clinic - a team of qualified specialists, ready to solve the most complicated tasks. All our doctors have mastered advanced technology of treatment and prevention of tooth and gum disease. Certificates of participation in post-graduate education in different branches of dentistry confirm the readiness of our team to date with modern trends in medicine.   
The clinic is located in the center of Lviv at 10 Gogola Street.

Medici stomatolog we Lwowie Medici stomatolog we Lwowie Medici stomatolog we Lwowie

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