Urodynamic study is a comprehensive test that evaluates the condition of the patient’s bladder and urethra.

Urodynamic study involves the introduction of two probes into the bladder and rectum to make precise measurements inside the patient’s body. Based on these measurements, it is possible to assess, among other things, the electrical activity of the muscles and measure the pressure inside the bladder. During this diagnostic procedure, measurements of the duration of flow and the volume of residual urine in the bladder are performed. The test is painless and usually takes approximately 40 minutes.

When is the urodynamic study performed?
- urinary frequency
- urinary incontinence
- incomplete urination
- bladder diverticula
- urinary refluxWhat are the benefits of the urodynamic study?

Thanks to its comprehensive nature, the urodynamic study allows an accurate assessment of the condition of the urinary tract. The doctor can then correctly establish the underlying causes of the patient’s symptoms and implement appropriate treatment. 

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