Cruciate ligaments are among the most-important elements of the knee, as they are responsible for its proper functioning. If they tear, surgery is usually the only treatment option. It enables reconstruction of the ligaments.

An anterior cruciate ligament tear usually occurs during strenuous sports, such as skiing or football. It results in the loss of stability of the knee joint and severe pain. Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery involves recreating the ligament using tissue grafts, which may be harvested from the patient or from donors. The transplanted muscles are attached using special implants.

When is reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament recommended?

Surgery is indicated for anterior cruciate ligament tear, confirmed by knee arthroscopy, MRI or ultrasound.What are the benefits of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction?
Thanks to this surgery, the patient has a chance to regain full functionality of the injured knee. The reconstruction restores correct joint stability, which not only improves its functioning and eliminates the pain, but can also prevent the development of dangerous complications.

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