Joint replacement surgery is a procedure that removes a joint that has been damaged due to trauma or osteoarthritis, and replaces it with an artificial one. The artificial joint assumes the function of the removed joint, restoring full functionality of th

Joint replacement surgery requires about 10 days of recovery in hospital. For the next two weeks, the patient should take anticoagulant medication. After the whole treatment process is over, the patient needs to undergo rehabilitation that is necessary to restore full functionality to the joint operated on.

Who for?
Joint replacement surgery is used for:
- patients suffering from severe degenerative disease
- patients who sustained a major limb trauma accompanied by damage to a joint

Joint replacement surgery outcomesImplantation of an endoprosthesis offers a chance to restore full motor functionality to patients who not only have problems carrying out work or enjoying various types of leisure, but mainly to those who find it difficult to carry out everyday activities. The endoprosthesis is not visible; after the operation only an ordinary scar can be seen.

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