In addition to the medical services, the package also includes the flight, pick-up from the airport and 24-hour concierge services. You will spend two nights in hospital and the remaining five days at a four-star hotel, getting your energy back. When you return home, your friends and family will be delighted with your rested and rejuvenated look!

Facelift surgery: an overview

This is a very popular procedure restoring youthful appearance, improving the patient's well-being and self-confidence. It helps reduce wrinkles and remove gravitational skin folds appearing with age.

Lifting is done by surgically tightening the skin and removing the excess. The incisions are done in less-visible skin areas. Sometimes during the procedure, the facial muscle contraction method is used. The patient has to wear compression garments or dressings for one or two weeks after the surgery and then has to avoid physical effort for a long period of time. Full recovery is expected after one month, and final effects appear within three months.

Who is the facelift procedure for?

Patients who experience:
- forehead lines
- marionette lines
- nasolabial lines
- droopy eyebrows

Facelift effects

The procedure makes the face look considerably younger and more attractive. Ageing symptoms are removed and slight face contour correction is also possible. Eyelid correctionThis procedure helps rejuvenate the face by eliminating the problem of saggy eyelids and bags under the eyes, which may be congenital or age-related. It is often these problems that make us look tired and much older than we actually are. Thanks to the eyelid correction, your face will gain freshness and will look younger and more rested.How is the procedure done?
An experienced surgeon makes small incisions to remove excess skin and fat tissue.
The tiny scars from the procedure are completely invisible.

Although you will not need to stay in hospital after the procedure, you are nevertheless advised to use protective eyewear and limit physical exertion.

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