This is a package of services that will let you take care of your health and beautiful smile, and will provide you with a large dose of long-desired relaxation.

During a one-week stay, you’ll undergo a one-day programme of comprehensive testing, an aesthetic dentistry treatment, and a relaxing spa treatment. In addition to the medical services, the package also includes tourist attractions, accommodation at a four-star hotel and pick-up from the airport. The tests and the stay at the spa will help you combat your migraines. Eliminating migraines guarantees substantial improvement of the quality of life. By setting yourself free from migraines, the quality of your work will increase and you will be able to enjoy your free time uninterrupted.

One-day Full-body Diagnostics
This is one of the most-popular programmes that includes comprehensive diagnostic tests that determine your body's overall condition. It’s mainly intended for businesspeople who are too busy to be able to afford wasting precious time to get tested.

What do full-body diagnostics involve?
Your personal medical assistant will ensure that you get key information about your health within the shortest-possible time. After a preliminary examination, you’ll undergo laboratory testing that will include a metabolic panel, hormone levels, liver and kidney function tests, cardiovascular stress testing, ultrasound imaging, X-ray imaging and ECG (electrocardiography). The metabolic panel will determine such parameters as glucose, lipid profile, uric acid, creatinine, urea, total protein, albumin, total bilirubin, electrolytes, magnesium, iron, ALT and AST.

Your attending physician will summarise the results of the laboratory tests, imaging studies and clinical examinations performed by seven different specialists. This way you will gain a full picture of your body's condition within just six hours, so that you can decide whether to start treatment or safely return to your professional life. 

Aesthetic dentistry
Thanks to aesthetic dentistry treatments, patients can enjoy healthy and beautiful teeth, and a beaming smile.To achieve this, we offer scaling and sandblasting treatments, which remove tartar and restore the natural colour of your teeth. We then fill the cavities and seal the enamel surface using a special fluoride-containing preparation, which strengthens your teeth and prevents dental caries.
Because the sealant is transparent, it does not change the colour of your teeth. It is also safe. 

Spa treatments
The package includes spa treatments, which will help you combat your migraine pain, stress and achieve a state of general relaxation. The treatments include manual therapy, electropuncture, functional massage, magnet therapy and kinesiotaping. During your stay at the spa, meals and accommodation are included. 

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