As part of this programme, you’ll undergo radiofrequency thermocoagulation treatment of your joints and will spend six days at an exclusive spa. We’ll also pick you up from the airport and provide you with 24‑hour concierge services.

Radiofrequency thermocoagulation of the joints

This treatment involves thermocoagulation of nerve endings. It is carried out with specialist equipment generating a pulsed, high-frequency current. The heat generated by the current damages sensory nerve endings at points selected by the operating doctor. Indications for radiofrequency thermocoagulation include chronic pain that is unresponsive to rehabilitation or medical treatment, as well as cases where surgery is not necessary or, for whatever reason, impossible to perform. The procedure is safe and carried out by an experienced doctor using specialist certified diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. 

Spa treatments

A stay at the spa is recommended as preparation for the surgical treatment for back pain. The following are included in the programme: manual therapy, McKenzie treatments, kinesiotaping, physiotherapy and functional massage. Meals and accommodation are included throughout the patient's stay. The treatments positively affect the final outcome of surgical treatment, effectively complementing treatment of pain.

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