This is a package that will help you regain motor function of the spine.

Spinal surgery

If the patient's range of motion is limited or they are suffering from persistent back pain that does not respond to rehabilitation and medical treatment, surgery may be necessary.Surgery is the most effective method of eliminating problems resulting from traumatic injuries or degenerative processes, and helps restore function and considerably improve quality of life. Surgery is often the only way to stop the progression of irreversible changes.At our clinic, these procedures are carried out by highly qualified specialists with years of experience. They use state-of-the-art treatment methods and follow the latest international medical standards. 

Spa treatments

The spa treatments offered as part of the package help the patient recover after the operation. The treatments include McKenzie therapy, kinesiotaping, electropuncture, physiotherapeutic consultations with follow-up instructions, laser treatments and magnet therapy.Meals and accommodation are included throughout the patient's stay. The spa treatments increase range of motion and reduce pain, getting the patient ready for normal activity after the procedure.

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