Treatments designed to make the process of recovery from illness, disease or injury to as normal a condition as possible easier. Especially when some defects cannot be reversed by medical care. That’s why each program is very individual and tailored to th


This is a physiotherapeutic method based on a holistic approach to the movements of a patient’s body, which allows identification and correction of the causes of pain, and not only their symptoms.

When is Kinetic Control used?
The physiotherapist carries out a functional analysis of the motor system and finds weak points that may be the cause of the patient’s symptoms, e.g. a lack of suitable stability or incomplete motor control. Then, together with the patient, the physiotherapist commences correction of these weak points through appropriately selected exercises that will strengthen the parts of the body responsible for the patient’s problems.

This treatment is intended for a wide range of patients, and in particular for:
- chronically ill patients
- patients with recurrent symptoms despite completing a rehabilitation programme

Benefits of physiotherapy
The therapy improves the function of the whole motor system, stops the progression of the defect, corrects the defects and, as a consequence, eliminates pain. This helps improve the comfort of everyday function and prevent the problems recurring.

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