Would you like a romantic stroll enriched with interesting stories? Take your loved one's hand and enjoy the charms of Bydgoszcz.

1. Start at the Bridge of Love......and walk on to Mill Island (Bydgoszcz Island of Museums) and the Venice of Bydgoszcz and, just for a moment, feel as if you were in Southern Europe. From there, take a pleasant stroll to the oldest temple in Bydgoszcz, where you will hear the extraordinary story of the miraculous painting, and the mystery of the crooked walls will be revealed. The next step is the nineteenth-century Long Street and the beautiful Old Market Square, where the Master of Magic – Twardowski – still sees his customers. Then take a walk to the Old Harbour, where you can see the symbol of Bydgoszcz - the Man Crossing the River, as well as granaries remembering the times of fishing boat makers.Then on to Gdańsk Street, which in the nineteenth century was an elegant urban alley, reserved for wealthy Prussian factory owners with their luxury apartments, expensive hotels, colonial shops, and exquisite cafés and restaurants. At the end of the walk, enjoy the spectacular Deluge fountain. 

2. Follow the footsteps of the EnigmaMarian Rejewski – a Polish mathematician, philosopher and the most-important World War II cryptographer, who was born and lived in Bydgoszcz. During the two-hour tour, you will learn his incredible life story. There will also be an opportunity to see the house where he was born and grew up, the place where he went to school and the house in which he lived with his family after the war. You will learn many interesting facts about the contribution of Marian Rejewski to Polish history and his life abroad, the latter not always colourful. 

3. A night hike with ghosts (Ghost tour)During this tour you will hear legends and dark stories of the streets of the city, which after dark take on a completely different character ... Why is the isthmus at the court called the Bridge of Sighs? You might hear them. Most definitely, though, you’ll be able to find out what happened to the daughter of the Bydgoszcz castellan and learn the secret of the treasure of the mint. 

4. "Venice of the North"If you don’t have much time but fancy a pleasant and relaxed afternoon, why not take a short one-hour walk around the Old Town followed by an hour-long cruise on the Brda River? You’ll see the city from a different perspective and learn why Bydgoszcz is called the "Venice of the North". 
Bydgoszcz Bydgoszcz Bydgoszcz
5. BeerwalkIf you enjoy tasting local beers, be sure to go on the Beerwalk around Bydgoszcz. A visit to two excellent restaurants, and especially to one of the craft breweries, will allow you to sample some of the local beer and lager typical of this region.The history of the Bydgoszcz brewery dates back to the fifteenth century and is much more interesting than you might think. It’s here where the famous conflict between Toruń and Bydgoszcz began. Almost every brewery, and there were dozens of them, has a different legend attached to each lightly carbonated golden beverage. Trivia, legends and stories will be told throughout the trip, and the grand finale will take place in the brewery.The walk includes: a tour of the Old Port, Barge Lemar, walk to the Old Market Square (plenty of opportunities for tasting), Museum of Soaps, where you will see how a “male” soap is made (you will receive a bar of soap as a gift), and strolling on Long Street you will hear the legend of beer from the tap, then see a brewing show or meet with a brewer in a brewery (depending on the availability of the brewer and the stage of brewing), and finally the long-awaited tasting of different kinds of beers. 
6. Bydgoszcz: the coffee capitalCan’t live without caffeine? Curious about the phenomenon of the small black coffee or of the tasty latte? Be sure to take a trip to the coffee roaster Audun, which won the World Coffee Roasting Championship in 2015. Workshops and lessons will be waiting for you on professional tasting techniques to determine the flavour and aroma of coffee, i.e. cupping. Then you’ll visit a café with coffee alternatives and, of course, tasting.The tour will begin at the Old Market Square – a stroll down the street of bridges, where there was once a café called Bristol, and which today houses a patisserie called The Owl. A stop for tasting, during which you’ll be able to reminisce and hear about the craft of pre-war pastry and confectionery factories. The walk will continue down Rail Station Street, which once housed a roaster and wholesaler of coffee, then down Śniadeckich Street to coffee roaster Audun, where guests will have the opportunity to try real cupping – an unusual tasting of coffees from around the world – and learn how the process of roasting coffee works. The next stop is Freedom Square, where you will find Cristal, one of the oldest and best-known cafés in Bydgoszcz. The sweet culmination of the trip will be a stop at the Under the Eagle Hotel for a tasting of legumina – Bydgoszcz's famous dessert of the 1920s. 

7. Taste of BydgoszczA walk combined with tasting various dishes local to the Bydgoszcz region in various bars and restaurants.Do you think the cuisine in Poland consists of only pierogi and bigos? If you do, and would like to experience new culinary experiences, this walk is exactly what you need! Start with a cold appetiser and an aperitif to whet your appetite at one of the local bars in the Old Market Square. Then we’ll taste czernina, also known as black soup, in a regional restaurant. Wrapped in a touch of mystery, the selection of main courses will make you dizzy. Of course, you can’t miss the delicious dessert and coffee. On this tour, you’ll feast not only your eyes... Bon apetit! 

8. Trail of monumentsThe TeH20 (tech 20) tour trail of monuments (also called the tour of industry, craft and water) is an unusual tourist trail leading through areas of great significance to the industrial development of the city, as well as interesting and unique places.It consists of 15 buildings, from which we can create an individual tour plan. Together we can choose the places that you are particularly interested in and learn as much as possible about them. The choices are: Wood Machine Tools Factory, Municipal Gasworks, the Museum of Soap and of the History of Dirt, Exploseum, and the Technical Museum of World War II, the Museum of Pharmacy and more.

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