Hernia arises from weakening layers of tissue and can cause severe pain. Surgical treatment of this condition ensures effective elimination of this problem and the pain.

The procedure can be performed by using several different methods, depending on the type and size of the hernia. Two groups of surgical techniques are employed: traditional surgery and laparoscopy. For some types of hernia, a special plastic mesh is used, which reinforces the weakened tissue and helps prevent recurrence.

When is hernia surgery carried out?
- inguinal hernia
- umbilical hernia
- abdominal hernia
- femoral hernia
- scrotal hernia
- postoperative and recurrent hernia

What are the benefits from hernia surgery?Surgery allows the patient to return to full health in a relatively short period of time. The pain caused by the hernia is eliminated along with the risks of the serious complications of hernia.

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