With LASIK, it is possible to reduce or completely correct various refractive errors: myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

LASIK is a type of refractive laser surgery of the eye. This method can be used on both eyes at the same time. It cannot, however, be used for presbyopia. During the LASIK surgery, the epithelium is not removed, so the eyes heal sooner and the patient does ...
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Cataract surgery allows you to effectively combat this dangerous eye disease. This procedure guarantees restoration of normal vision.

Cataracts cause clouding of the lens, as a result of which less light reaches the eye and the images become hazy and blurred. The operation involves removing the old, clouded lens and replacing it with a new, artificial one. In our clinic, we use Natural IQ lenses, which ...
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Ectropion (a rolled-up eyelid) is not only an aesthetic defect, but, almost importantly, a painful condition that may lead to recurrent inflammation and even degeneration of the cornea. Surgery in this case is the only treatment option and can effectively

Ectropion or entropion is a result of the ageing process. The direct cause of the disease is muscle weakness as a result of gradual atrophy of eyelid tissue. The surgery for ectropion or entropion involves removing excess skin and increasing the tone of the muscles and ligaments of ...
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Pterygium is a triangular thickening of the conjunctiva developing in the corner of the eye between the eyelids, which, as the Latin name suggests, resembles a wing. Treatment can effectively eliminate both the disease and the accompanying symptoms.

Management of pterygium depends on the severity of the condition. If a pterygium exhibits redness and signs or irritation, ointments or eye drops are applied that helps eliminate the inflammation. If the pterygium is very large, surgery may be necessary, especially if it causes problems with vision or ...
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EBK is the most-advanced method of laser vision correction available. In contrast to similar procedures, EBK can be suitable for patients with thin corneas.

The procedure is performed by using specialised equipment operated by an experienced eye doctor. During the procedure, only the superficial layer of the corneal epithelium is removed, leaving the deeper layers intact. This makes the treatment safer and quicker to carry out than other methods, and the detached ...
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Eyelid surgery is a procedure used both for aesthetic and health-related reasons. The operation not only improves the appearance of the face, but also eliminates vision problems.

During the procedure, the surgeon makes small incisions to remove excess floppy skin and accumulated fat. Small scars after the surgery are completely invisible, because the incisions in the lower lid are made in the natural furrows of the skin, while in the case of the upper lids, ...
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